If your “Downloads” or any other folder is too messy, and you just want to group all the files by their type in separate folders, Sabertooth is the thing for you! It can group different types of files in separate folders, or move specific types of files to a specific folder. For example, it can move all image type files to your “Pictures” folder.

You can also set it to start when you log in, so that it can run on the background, organizing your folders every 10 minutes (you can change the interval).

The Story

I was fed up of trying to find files in my “Downloads” folder, which I’d never cleaned up before. So, I decided to make an app that can do it for me. I named it after what my cat reminds me of, Sabertooth, originally “Bıdık”, a prehistoric, scary tiger.


You can install it easily, and there shouldn’t be any major bugs. I won’t be maintaining this project, unless a major bug surfaces.



  1. Download SabertoothSetup.msi.
  2. (Optional) Check the SHA-256 checksum of the downloaded file: 69803968839790B3B78DD805E767D476042A03E8A2D8E7C2204FE32B1111BCDE
  3. Run the installer as admin.
  4. Follow the installer steps. I mean, you won’t have to do anything, just click “Next” everywhere.


By installing Sabertooth, you agree to the terms in EULA, license and the privacy policy.

EULA, license and the privacy policy can be found here.